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This week we had a really productive meeting with our financial partners, Fingerprint Financial Planning. We have always used the team there as the advice is completely independent and they have access to the entire mortgage market. What we also talked about were things like pensions, investments, ISA’s, buy to let mortgages, re-mortgages and the list is endless. In our opinion, too many people become comfortable with the products they have as the feeling is that its just too inconvenient to look for alternative options let alone actually making that swap. We all lead busy lives and having heard some of the feedback from some of our clients that have used their services, they provide first class service, taking all the pressure away from you by explaining possible options in an understandable way and also ensuring every thing is taken care of swiftly and efficiently. 

Here at Distinctive Homes, we always put our clients first and ensure the service we provide is above what is usually expected from an agent and this is the reason we enjoy working along side the team at Fingerprint as they have exactly the same working ethos as ourselves. We would always advise clients to simply have a chat, explain what you want to do, what your current set up is and just see what options they can present to you. After all, don’t you want to make sure that you have the best options today and in the future?