Selling your home is a huge decision.

Not only are there practical things to consider like… “How much will it sell for?” 'How much will it cost me?” “How long will it take?” …there are also the emotional and physical demands that the process can place on you and your family.

Your chosen agent needs to be there to help you through this process, and to take some of the difficulty out of the transaction.

We are here to help in all aspects of your property journey, from valuation to completion, here at all points as your personal property expert.

As we work closely with an independent mortgage broker, we can ensure your buyer has the right funding to complete the purchase as well as making sure you get the best deal for your onward purchase, other investments and insurances.

Potential agent checklist:

We are proud to be able to offer the following key points from Distinctive Homes at no extra cost.

  • No contractual tie in.
  • Virtual and cinematic video tours.
  • Social media advertising.
  • In house marketing specialist.
  • Personal sales progressor.
  • Bespoke property brochure along with key facts for buyers.
  • Over 130 years experience.
  • Professional grade photography and floor plan included.
  • Main portal advertising included.

"I want to deal with someone who cares!"

Distinctive Homes was founded on the core beliefs that customer service and communication are the fundamental requirements to run a successful property business.

We are not part of an unwieldy corporate chain or an out of touch, franchised outlet but an owner-operated business with just one clear objective - customer satisfaction.

It motivates us to care about every single thing that happens within our company and it inspires us to constantly improve our service which keeps us where we want to be.

Our fully trained team all work to ensure that you don’t become just another client with another property. You are our priority at all times when we are dealing with your property.

You can reach us beyond the usual office hours as well as communicating with us via whatsapp, email and social media channels.

  1. How will my property be presented?
  2. Can you sell my property at the best possible price, in the desired timescale?
  3. What happens if I have a buyer and can't secure a new home?
  4. I have found my perfect home but can't secure a buyer?
  5. Help…I keep missing out on my dream home?
  6. What happens when I have a buyer?
  7. What else do we offer?
  8. Financial Advice
  9. Legal Services
  10. Manual Labour
  11. Investment Opportunities
  12. Landlord Services

How will my property be presented?

You only get one chance to make a first impression and we know how to make your home stand out. All our property particulars are bespoke and produced to superior standards, giving comprehensive, clear and accurate representation.

Our state of the art video and virtual tours allow everyone to view your home in near real time viewings. Your home needs to be shown on as many different platforms as possible and we ensure that it can be viewed anywhere in the world and from any device that has access to the web.

As soon as your property is ready for the market, we will text, email and phone our extensive database of pre-qualified potential buyers. These are clients that have expressed an interest in homes like yours, have a proven financial ability to proceed with a purchase and are in a position to do so.

Alongside this we will begin the process to get your property advertised on the UK’s leading property website, Rightmove, as well as through our own website and social media platforms such as facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

Whilst many agents will charge a fee for promoting your home on the social media platforms, at Distinctive Homes we understand the importance of utilising these medias to ensure your home receives the maximum amount of exposure.

Don’t forget, we even have an in-house, experienced marketer who will ensure that your home isn’t just placed on to the market, it’s made to stand out so that we make sure as many people as possible know about your property.

Can you sell my property at the best possible price, in the desired timescale?

We will achieve the best possible price for your home by getting things right from the start. We will value your property using our local database of sold properties and extensive experience to ensure we advise you of the most suitable price to begin the marketing of your home.

We will take the time to talk to you about your house move and find out about your needs and expectations. We never forget that the whole buying and selling process must fit with your needs and requirements and your next home is as important as your current one. We will work hard to help you secure that.

We will gain feedback about your home from viewings so that we can ensure we are maximising each and every opportunity and keep you updated. We also analyse marketing updates from Rightmove, social media platforms and the art of marketing analytics, so that we can advise you on how your home is performing on the open market. You will be looked after by your personal agent, with extra support from everyone in the Distinctive Homes family and receive regular contact from all of us.

What happens if I have a buyer and can't secure a new home?

Don’t worry, we will control your buyer's timeframe and if they can't fit in with your needs, we will look for a new buyer for you that will.

I have found my perfect home but can't secure a buyer?

Not a problem, our amazing marketing techniques and equally superb team, know how to increase the response level for your home. All team members know how to discuss the way forward and never forget that you are the client.

Help…I keep missing out on my dream home?

The dilemma – You want to move home but every time a property comes to the market that you are interested in, it is sold to a buyer in a stronger position whilst you are still thinking about what you need to do to sell your own home!

We know how frustrating this can be for our clients but we can help…

The solution – We get everything ready so that your property can be marketed at the touch of a button. We take photographs, create the video and virtual tours and prepare the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) along with the floor plan as well as proofs for the brochure. You are then ready to go and if the right property comes along, our team of experts will market your property immediately and effectively to find you a buyer so that you can make an offer on your dream home as quickly as possible.

This is an extra service but with no extra charge.

What happens when I have a buyer?

We will ensure you are kept fully informed of any sales negotiations and that all purchasers are financially qualified, chains checked and expected time frames are agreed. You will be given direct access to your “Personal Sales Progressor” who is based in our office at Distinctive Homes and who will ensure that all parties are kept up to date as often as possible.

Experience tells us that one of the main reasons for a sale falling through is lack of information up and down a chain, which causes stress and anxiety.

This is why we carry out all of the necessary checks at the very start, even right back to the initial point of viewing, and ensure that we communicate every piece of information with you and the relevant parties.

Once you are ready to exchange and complete, we will ensure that keys are where they are meant to be so that you can quickly and easily move into your new home whilst we look after your existing one.

What else do we offer?

Having built our business from the ground up, relying heavily on priceless 'word of mouth' advertising from our thousands of happy customers, we feel we are in an excellent position to offer the best advice and support to any client, whether it's their first home or their last.

Financial Advice

We have our fully qualified, experienced mortgage broker's who have access to a whole host of available products. They are able to advise on mortgages, protection and general insurance, and are happy to meet face to face, at a time that suits you and discuss whatever your needs are.

Manual Labour

Do you need a few jobs completing; painting to do, broken garage door to repair, garden overgrown? Just ask us and we will put you in touch with one of our trusted tradesman partners.

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for your first investment property or simply just wishing to add to your portfolio, please talk to us and we will be delighted to advise and assist you.

Landlord Services

Are you a Landlord with tenanted properties, looking to take a step back and let an agency manage your portfolio or not satisfied with the current service you are receiving? Whatever your needs, we can assist and guide you, just ask us.