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As an estate agent I have literally carried out thousands of viewings with clients who say to me that they want to downsize as there current home is too big, too impractical, needs to much upkeep etc. Infect the list is endless. So I thought that I would compile a list of a few of the reasons that I’m regularly given and add my hopefully, balanced view on the pros and cons.

Pressure from “children” always the classic “my kids think that the house is too big for me “ 

"Garden is too big"

"Too far from shops" 

"Needs too much work"

"Bills are too big"

Please of course bear this in mind downsizing means downsizing, your new home will be smaller, less parking, smaller garden and this is a massive lifestyle change for you and your family, how often do I hear the words “too small for me”.

The pros of downsizing are fairly straight forward, they range from releasing money for your retirement, moving closer to family, easier to look after if you have had health scares and they are all pragmatic reasons to hopefully make the final move.

The reality is of course slightly different, you may have to leave friends and neighbours behind, change your lifestyle if you move to a new area, this of course means making new friends. Smaller home means less space consequently less space for hobbies, friends, relatives. Lastly the classic reason are you being pressured to move by well-meaning relatives, whilst their intentions may be good it may not be the right time for you yet.

I would look and think carefully before making this move and here are a few tips that you may want to consider.

Does your potential new home have the following:

Good public transport

Do the transport links enable your friends and family to reach you easily ?

Are there good shops, libraries and other amenities nearby?

Is the area quiet ?

Are there people of a similar ilk nearby ?

What is the new local council like with its services to older people ?

Where is the nearest GP ?

Putting all of the above aside it is often a very rewarding and fun thing to do to move home, extra cash for travel, nearer family, the list is endless so take the first step get your home valued and see if its possible for you to make a bold step in the right direction.