>virtual tour

The facts are that if a buyer has viewed a virtual tour and viewed the video of your property then you are a major way forward in securing a buyer, what it means that when they “physically view “ your home they are just tick boxing what they have already viewed on line. 3D virtual tours also stop those viewings where clients are not quite sure, once they view the tour it tends to solidify the viewing either way.

Most major property portals now have the ability to add a virtual or 3D viewing but the take up with estate agents is only approximately 40%, you have to ask the question why would your agent not offer this service? The facts speak for themselves potential buyers looking online are shown to be 300% more engaged with virtual tours and videos rather than standard 2D imagery. Once these tours are created they can be added easily to Social media, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram securing you even more exposure for your home and widening the pool of potential buyers. 

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