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One of the many issues that I come across when meeting potential clients is the fear of marketing their property before they have found and then being pressured into moving by an anxious buyer who needs to get their child into your local school. Most agents will advertise the fact that they can sell your home quicker and for more money than the other agents in your town but is this the real issue? What if you only want to move to a particular area or type of home and you get a buyer and this elusive house never comes on the market? If you google “should I put my house on the market before I have found?" then without fail the answer you get is yes! These links are all sponsored by Estate agents who generally want the quick buck. This however doesn’t solve your problem, you may be nervous about the whole process, have been burnt before, or are just generally fed up with looking for your next home. 

I may have the solution which fits you, I have compiled the Preferential Register. In short when you contact me I will go through all the usual formalities of name, address, email etc but my main concern is you telling me what you want from your next home. This includes area, style, catchment area or indeed any other specifics that you may have. The service is free but is only open to clients who are either not on the market or have been on the market. Once we have spoken I will attempt to source that house for you or when it comes on the market with me you will get first refusal to view and with the owners agreement give you an agreed exclusivity period in which to sell your own home. 

It really is that simple, there is no time scale in which you have to find a home and there is no cost involved to yourself for this service. 

If you think that this is the service level that you require then email me on peter@distinctivehomes.uk, call or text on  07462 859318 or call 03309 125285