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There are mixed opinions on this subject , many sellers will say that “they know the  property the best “ whilst many agents will say they should accompany all viewings. 

My view is as follows, let me do my job, I have been trained to show buyers around and have a far greater success in selling houses and are less likely to highlight the  positive features rather than any negative areas .What’s more it can be very difficult for potential buyers to feel comfortable in your home when you are escorting them. They are more likely to be polite rather than asking the really pertinent questions that could secure that sale. Perhaps the most important factor is that buyers want to imagine themselves living in your property and this is going to be much harder if you are present. Your home is likely to have an emotional attachment for you and your family and many owners can oversell which then translates into desperation. 

It makes sense that your agent knows everything about your property and if it isn’t the lister who is doing the viewings then they should be fully conversant with your home and at the very least should  have a “guided tour “ from yourself prior to their first viewing. Let your agent know which is your favourite room in the house, who and what the neighbours are like, this could make the difference when it comes to getting an offer. 

Just a few more tips, preparation is everything! You only have once chance to make a first impression so make sure your house is clean and tidy. If possible put the dog basket away and make sure that your dog is out of the house and if it can be helped viewing’s ideally should take place during the day, you cannot believe what a difference a sunny room makes when showing off your biggest asset.